Sunny Sunday

This weekend, the plan was to do something fun with the kids away from home, or at least outdoors.  Something in the cheap to free range.  I suspected that it might be more difficult to do when the time actually arrived and I was right.  I cannot make myself leave the house.  I’m controlled by tasks that I need to complete…but might not do anyway.  I’m just trapped here by the feeling that they need to be done first.  I hate it!

Also, I’m crampy and having a hard time with my left hip.  Such a big baby.  Get over it and do something fun!!  blah.

ETA:  Well that turned out nicely!  Drove over to Camargo to pick up throwaway toys.  Photographed numerous beautiful horses on the way.  What a rejuvenating drive.  Headed to Arcola through Redden’s grove…a pretty area.  Saw my old neighbor mowing.  I think his crazy ass has found the place where he belongs…a nice feeling.

Durwood invited us to stay for homemade ice cream and the kids had a blast playing with great nieces.  We did it!  Got out of the house, had a great time and all for cheap or free.


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