If Wishes Were Horses…

…then beggars would ride?  But I wished to smell a horse.  I documented it in a message to a friend yesterday morning.  And I have to say, that I saw numerous horses yesterday and didn’t stop to smell a one.

I see no horses in an average day, but I must have seen at least thirty horses total in six different locations.  I stopped to photograph them.  Stopped to let three with their riders cross my path, but I don’t think I ever got a nice good whiff of the horse stink I was craving.  Still I’m satisfied and possibly enlightened.

Every day, I’m given opportunities to make my wishes all come true.  God gives me that!  I need to do my part though and follow through.  How comforting, that it’s very much up to me.  I just ask, watch and act…and my dreams can come true!

Oh…how very corny. But hey!


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