Happy Birthday Barney Lou!

I’ve considered writing a blog numerous times, but always dismiss the thought.  Generally, I have no thoughts that I’m willing to share.  There is the fear that I’ll provide ammunition to someone or embarrass the hell out of myself.  I guess I should write for myself and screw the awkward possibilities.

Thoughts include my mom and her father, my sister’s birthday and the perfect gift that I can never find, the penny Jonah swallowed, the lawn that needs mowing, the dog that needs bathing and the oven that still doesn’t work.

I’m thrilled to hell that it’s Friday and payday.  I want to buy DVDs to burn, medicine for my dog and food that my kids will actually eat.  I hope we’ll get out and play this weekend.

There! that didn’t hurt much at all.  At least not yet, it didn’t.  :)


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